Superior Quality, Superior Engineering

Pressure / Vacuum Vessels

Horizontal or Vertical, Superior Steel Products can build the ASME or Non-code vessel that meets your project requirements. We are certified, licensed and have the experience to manufacture pressure or vacuum vessels for various applications and project needs.

Our storage and transportation tanks are custom-designed by our on-site professional civil engineers, made from the highest quality materials, and carefully assembled by craftsmen whose skills are second to none.

Design, Manufacturing & Repair

Horizontal or vertical, mobile or stationary, Superior Steel Products can build the ASME vessel you need. We have the certifications and experience to design, manufacture, and repair pressure vessels.


Non-code tanks are manufactured to haul any non-dangerous goods.  These can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Stainless steel tanks are highly resistant to the effects of corrosion, unaffected by UV exposure, and remain ductile through all temperature ranges.

UL-rated carbon steel tanks are specially designed for storing flammable liquids; able to withstand extremely high and low temperatures without cracking, melting, or other damage.

Aluminum does not rust or suffer from corrosion problems, and is self-healing if scratched. 

Beneficial storage for rural areas that are easily installed and economical. 

ASME stamps are certification of quality control from Superior Steel Products, Inc. Newly manufactured products are stamped “U” while repairs are stamped “R”. It ensures that the design, fabrication, inspection, and testing of pressure vessels conform to ASME’s guidelines.