DOT 407 – Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle

This specification is for the manufacturing and testing specifications for packaging and containers used for the transportation of hazardous materials in commerce.

Each specification DOT 407 cargo tank motor vehicle must conform to the general design and construction requirements in § 178.345 in addition to the specific requirements contained in this section. (b) Each tank must be of a circular cross-section and have an MAWP of at least 25 psig. (c) Any cargo tank built to this specification with a MAWP greater than 35 psig and each tank designed to be loaded by vacuum must be “constructed and certified in accordance with the ASME Code”. The external design pressure for a cargo tank loaded by vacuum must be at least 15 psig. (d) Each cargo tank built to this specification with MAWP of 35 psig or less must be “constructed in accordance with the ASME Code” except as modified herein: (1) The record-keeping requirements contained in the ASME Code, Section VIII, Division I, do not apply. The inspection requirements of parts UG–90 thru 94 do not apply. Inspection and certification must be made by an inspector registered in accordance with subpart F of part 107.

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